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If you are thinking of moving, one of the first things you need to know is the current value of your home.

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Tenant Changeover £250

Change of Occupant £250 for one replacement tenant

Your landlord does not have to agree to you changing any of the named tenants during the tenancy term.

If they do agree to this, then a charge of £250 is chargeable. This charge covers all administration involved in the change of occupancy process, including any references required, a contribution towards a new tenancy agreement and the charge of re protecting the security deposit if required.

Please note that should more than one tenant wish to be replaced there is a charge of £120 per additional tenant.

Renewal Charge

Holding Deposit Unless advised otherwise £100 per person, minimum

This is not an additional charge and if your application is successful will be off set against your move in funds.

The holding deposit is a token of good faith only and does not oblige our client, the landlord, to let the property detailed.

It does not commit the landlord to granting the tenancy or constitute an offer of tenancy but is required as proof of your intention and commitment to proceed.

Its purpose is as good faith only, to be held by ourselves, whilst your references are processed.

Should any of the prospective tenants withdraw from the proposed let, no refund of the holding deposit will be made.

However, should our client not proceed with the proposed tenancy due to unsatisfactory references, a deduction of £50 will be made per tenant.

If the landlord should withdraw from the proposed let through no fault of the tenant, the holding deposit will be returned in full.

Holding Deposit

Move in funds

Should your application be successful then in addition to some or all of the above you would, unless otherwise agreed, be required to pay the first month's rent plus a one month's rent as a security deposit.

Move In Funds

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